You just have to sign up. Access the details page in order to create your request. Fill it in and enter your “user code”. Wait for the answer/offer. It will be sent to the email address used for signing up.




Only 24 hours to get the answer/offer into your email inbox. The offer will be complete with all details and in perfect accordance with your requests. You will either be able to book it right away or reserve it, and choose the time period for the reservation. 




It just takes 10 minutes to enter your request and get the answer/offer within 24 hours. You can also include an indication of the desired cost of your request, so as to make it immediately vendible, or offer it on your website and to your customers.




Registered users are either enabled to request a reservation for the trip or book straight away. Thanks to this possibility the user (tour operator, travel agency, tourist industry professional) can make a request to keep the received offer valid throughout the time period they need to sell it.


Purchasing the offer


After confirmation of the offer, the user will have to deposit 50% of the offer value, and the remaining 50% 10 days before departure. 




Every booking is processed directly by Trinus/Dreameat. Every payment is to be paid by the user but it is processed by Trinus/Dreameat, which guarantees the perfect execution of the payment. Insurances and responsibilities unrelated to the services provided by Trinus/Dreameat are at the expense of the user. Trinus/Dreameat provides the trip idea and all related services to the user, who will resell them and arrange the resale value along with the supply of further services/costs that they may include as they wish, as the user is the one responsible for the trip.




  1. Hotel facilities/Restaurants/Tourist services: you can get included, in order to offer your services to our customers. You have to send a request to the email info@trinus.biz and then you will be contacted. Inclusion is free of charge.
  2. Travel agencies/Italian tour operators: you can get included as suppliers with regard to your assigned areas or areas of expertise. Inclusion is free of charge.